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Millions of people are walking around right now with their eyes glued to a pocket-size television. This is almost getting too easy.

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Apple pie, baseball, and television. Americans watch TV almost 3 hours a day. Whether your customers watch from their home theater big-screens or on the web with their mobile devices, you can reach them. Sharpen your brand identity, increase awareness, or beat sales and fundraising goals using one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Trade Show

Are you that booth that has that awesome video playing? The one everybody here keeps talking about? The one people keep pulling up on YouTube to show me on their phone? You can be. From upstart product launch to big-brand product demo, give your visitors something they can’t wait to share. Otherwise the booth next to you will.


If your audience can’t understand what you’re selling, they’re not going to buy it. Live video broadcast and full-production DVD creation are powerful tools for showing people how to use your product. Your helpful instructional video will build trust with viewers by showing them that your brand takes the time to help them feel comfortable. It will also create a distinction between you and your competitors, who by comparison appear more interested in making sales than in developing happy lifelong customers.


Every great video starts as a great concept. To bring it to life on screen, first you need a well-thought-out plan. Storyboards, scripts, location scouting, and finding the right person to bring your message to life all happen before the first "ACTION!"


It's more than just point & click. It's a lot more. Shooting a commercial that your customers won't skip means having the right cameras, having the right microphones, having the right lights, and having the right people behind them.


Picture Darth Vader silently marching 100 Stormtroopers toward you. Now picture Darth Vader marching 100 Stormtroopers toward you to the sounds of “The Imperial March.” That's video editing. But it’s not just music. Add sound effects, graphics, 3D animation, and the right cutaways at the right times to turn your video into your blockbuster.

Social Video

Everybody’s looking at their social feed. Boomers are doing it. Millennials are doing it. Babies are doing it. Isn’t it time to put your brand where the eyeballs are? Video is the #1 driver of customer interest, and social media is the most powerful advertising engine currently in existence. Get seen. Get customers. Start building your fanbase.

Promotional Video

Your fundraiser needs more teary eyes? Your presentation to the board needs a pick-me-up? Hire our team. We’ve made a name for ourselves tailoring video to meet the goals and needs of our clients. You could get your promo video from many production companies – hire us when you want your video to make you money.

Documentary Video

We tell brand stories. There’s no better way to tell a brand story than to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Documentaries establish a connection as the audience comes to know and feel the stories and struggles of the storytellers. Nothing compares to a well-told brand story.

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A strong local message makes a big impact on the bottom line.

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