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Utilizing technology

Pinpointing the exact people, anywhere in the world
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It's like direct mail for every device in the home.

We hyper target ads directly to the homes or businesses of your top prospects. It's like digital direct mail, except instead of one point of impact your brand is seen on the computers and mobile devices of your target prospects across social, video, animated, and static display networks.

Get more from your direct mail

A national publisher was looking to extend their direct marketing results to digital display. Our ad tech approach boosted overall sales by 300% year-over-year and outperformed the control by 150%.

  • 300%
    Year-over-year revenue growth
  • 150%%
    Percentage over goal

We have roots in medical advertising

In fact, we've had some phenomenal results from working with a leading online pharmacy, which wanted to improve their mail-delivery pharmacy service line by automating the process of ensuring prescriptions could be refilled in a timely manner.

  • 86%
    Increase in enrollment compared to previous year’s 6-month period
  • $10 mil
    Savings versus the previous year
  • 38%
    Overall increase from previous year

There is a method to the madness.

  • 1


    Our team matches a customer’s physical address with their computer’s digital address. The accuracy of this process is a necessity, and we are now able to ensure 90% coverage and accuracy.

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    Digital advertising is not priced in the same way that traditional media is. The budget is determined by goals of how many people to reach and how often to reach them. This phase guarantees that the people we have mapped will see ads, and that we will be able to estimate how many times those ads will be served to them and how often.

  • 3


    We match the science of ad design to actual messages that people will notice, respond to, and pass along. Knowing who is going to receive the messages, and how often, empowers us to tailor our ads to the people receiving the message, and to vary the message so they don’t feel like the same ad keeps showing up everywhere.

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    Getting the most out of digital comes down to two steps: goal setting and goal tracking. We optimize our programs to our client goals, whether that’s revenue generation, cost reduction, or both. Our tracking and optimization ensures optimum return.

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