Dr. Reddy came to Vest needing help. She was overspending on marketing efforts that were not getting results; she needed to determine what happened to traffic once it got to her page and why nobody was acting. That is where Vest stepped in and helped clarify the constraints, then socialed a plan that made sense and would show results.

Services Provided

Site Resocial for
Reddy Dental

Dr. Reddy's previous website was a template site that included general dental information. Her website did not have the detail needed to stand out. And it did not support mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

The web team developed a research plan by continuously analyzing the UX (User Experience) of Dr. Reddy's current website and brand assets/logo. The new plan was tailored specifically for her needs and goals.

The web plan called for bold change to drive leads through her website by placing more defined call-to-action elements throughout the site. The recommended changes required the site to be resocialed to support mobile web.

After research, the first stop was logo resocial.

Mockups & social

The process for creating the new website involved developing mockups that would demonstrate how the site would look and function.

Iterating over wireframes and discussing the importance of different layouts helped Dr. Reddy understand the importance of social decisions and how they would impact the user experience on her site to drive leads to action.

After sharing the mockup wireframes, feedback was quickly collected, processed, and merged into the social.


Reddy-dental.com was socialed mobile first and so the development involved laying out the site for desktop, mobile phone, and tablet use. The mobile-first approach gave Dr. Reddy's site the needed change to display properly and drive leads.