The Grand Ole Opry needed to attract younger fans. It brings top country talent to an intimate setting of 7,500 seats, yet younger fans were not aware of the calendar and shows available. Vest built conversion-optimized landing pages powered by an upbeat, attention-grabbing highlight reel.

The Work


Vest created conversion-optimized landing pages designed with visitors in mind. Based on responses to individual ads, people were taken to unique landing pages centered on country artists they showed an interest in. The copy was designed to give visitors the feel of a uniquely crafted experience around a country artist.


The campaign was powered by an upbeat, attention-grabbing highlight reel to show the Opry for what it really is – the opportunity to see country's stadium-sellout stars up close and personal.


To drive traffic, Vest designed and targeted ads to 7 custom micro-targets, each with multiple customized landing pages to ensure a connection with each potential concertgoer.

The Result

For every dollar invested, the campaign returned $12 in revenue. It paid for itself in the first 20 days.