Physicians needed a tool to help explain Medicare to patients. A fun and easy-to-understand educational video, direct-to-home digital advertising, and an optimized landing page helped participating physicians increase their credibility in highly competitive local Medicare markets.

Medicare is difficult to understand. The physician groups that make it easy to understand gain credibility with customers and can become trusted advisers for seniors.

The Work


Vest created an educational and entertaining video that explains the finer points of Medicare in easy-to-understand terms, using engaging visuals to drive foot traffic to local physician groups.


Video advertising coupled with direct-to-home digital advertising drove traffic and established the local physician practices as trustworthy guides for patients’ Medicare years.


Landing pages captured email addresses from qualified leads. The prospects could request their copy of Medicare City and pick it up in their local doctor’s office.


While it could also be viewed online, Medicare City was a full collateral piece containing an interactive DVD, educational booklet, and handy brochure folder to house it all.

The Result

Seniors found the concept entertaining and highly educational. It helped to launch primary care physician locations in multiple states and continues to be used for senior education.