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Local marketing done globally

Everything happens at the personal level
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All national advertising is multi-cultural advertising.

Over a decade ago, Vest tested a powerful proposition. Local marketing is always more powerful, so could it be done on a national scale, across multi-cultural markets, and still maintain its affordability and higher ROI? It worked. We’ve gotten better at it too.

Multi-cultural communities

A nationwide health insurance provider looked to Vest to market nationally across Polish, Korean, Creole, and Hispanic markets as well as continue our English-speaking marketing. Local TV, print, and online video ads were created and targeted with precision. The result: maximum ROI.

  • 150%
    Lift in leads generated
  • 75%
    Reduction in cost per lead

Be direct

A more direct approach can boost sales significantly. A national entertainment brand desired to reach a new audience and raise revenues by 12% for the year. Revenues rose 15% for the year and the program achieved 1,000% ROI.

  • 15%
    Top-line revenue growth
  • 1000%
    Return on investment

It’s about having all the pieces

  • 1


    The key to strong multi-cultural advertising is understanding the market at the local level – breaking down demographics not to mere zip codes, but to blocks and even specific addresses.

  • 2

    Made-to-measure campaign execution

    Maximum ROI is found by maximizing measurement capabilities. Our technological approach to advertising depends on powerful tracking, and made-to-measure tactics.

  • 3

    Full production capability

    It's not all about the numbers. Multi-cultural advertising is most powerful when the team that knows the research creates the ads. At Vest you have the best of both worlds: high-tech data coupled with award-winning ad creative.

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